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Nortel Meridian M3901 Phone - NTMN31

The M3901 Meridian Entry phone is an economical digital phone solution. This single-line entry-level phone is perfect for use in places such as lobbies or reception areas, cafeterias, hallways, and other areas where telephone use is occasional. The Nortel M3901 Meridian phone supports up to five programmable features, particularly optimized for Auto Dial. A convenient feature card identifies features and Auto Dial-numbers.


Nortel Meridian M3902 Phone - NTMN32

The Nortel M3902 phone is designed for light telephone use in areas such as manufacturing, warehouses, and other business environments, the M3902 Meridian basic phone, and also known as ntmn32 brings a display-based interface and handsfree capability to this single-line phone. Self-labeling keys, Smart Mute, and user-selectable options make this a powerful single-line solution. The M3902 also increases its capabilities by supporting a cartridge accessory to add new features and capabilities.


Nortel Meridian M3903 Phone - NTMN33

The Nortel Meridian M3903 Enhanced phone is a multi-line digital phone supporting up to four lines and-or features. The productivity-enhancing Call Log feature on the M3903 Meridian phone displays the incoming and outgoing calls while the fixed feature keys allow you to switch easily from handset or handsfree to headset use, personalize the phone using the Options list, and quickly access your voice messaging system.


Norstar Meridian M3904 Phone - NTMN34

The Nortel Meridian M3904 Professional phone is a multi-line digital phone supporting up to 12 lines. Enhancements include offering the largest display in its class, a Personal Directory, Call Log, and a variety of user selectable options. Support for Personal Directory PC Utility allows you to create a directory of up to 100 names and download it to the M3904 Meridian phone. The Phase 3 M3904 also supports Full Duplex Handsfree with the addition of the new Full Duplex Handsfree Accessory that easily snaps into the Accessory Connection Module.


Norstar Meridian M3905 Phone - NTMN35

The Nortel Meridian M3905 Call Center phone is the multi-line digital phone designed for the specialized needs of the most demanding call center agents and supervisors. The M3905 meridian phone includes a direct-connect headset jack for agents, as well as a supervisor port. The supervisor port works in conjunction with the Supervisor Observe button to listen in on an active call, or listen and talk.


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